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All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

The format is based on Keep a Changelog, and this project adheres to Semantic Versioning.

0.2.0 - 2021-09-29


  • Interaction Paginator that uses discord buttons (#50)
  • docker-compose.yml (#13)
    • Running the bot after configuring the env vars is now as simple as docker-compose up
  • Automatic docker image creation: (#19)
  • Dockerfile support for all supported hosting providers. (#58)
  • Errors no longer happen silently and notify the user when they make a mistake. (#77)


  • Refactored bot creation and bot running (#56)
    • Running the bot is still the same method, but it loads extensions and plugins now.
    • bot.start() can also be used if already in a running event loop. Keep in mind using it will require handling loop errors, as run() does this automatically.


  • Code style: two blank lines after imports instead of one. (#70)

0.1.0 - 2021-08-13


  • Bot modes to determine behavior. Multiple can be applied at once. (#43)
    • PROD: the default mode, no dev extensions or dev plugins load
    • DEVELOP: the bot developer mode, most useful for people adding features to modmail
  • Enables the extension_manager extension.
    • PLUGIN_DEV: the plugin developer mode, useful for enabling plugin specific features
    • This is not used yet.
  • Extension loading system (#43)
    • scans for extensions in the modmail/extensions folder and loads them if they are of the right format.
    • all extensions must be loadable as a module, which means they must have files in their directories.
  • Plugin loading system (#43)
    • scans for plugins in the modmail/plugins folder and loads them.
    • Unlike extensions, plugins and their respective folders do not need to have files and are allowed to be symlinks.
  • Extension management commands (#43)
    • load, reload, unload, list, refresh commands for dealing with extensions
    • Run the ext command for more details when bot is in DEVELOP mode.
  • Plugin management commands (#43)
    • load, reload, unload, list, refresh commands for dealing with plugins
    • Run the plugins command for more details.
  • Extension metadata (#43)
  • used to determine if a cog should load or not depending on the bot mode
  • Plugin helper file (#43)
    • modmail/ contains several helpers for making plugins
      • PluginCog
      • ModmailBot, imported from
      • ModmailLogger, imported from modmail.log
  • Meta Cog (#43)
    • NOTE: The commands in this cog are not stabilized yet and should not be relied upon.
    • Prefix command for getting the set prefix. Most useful by mentioning the bot.
    • Uptime command which tells the end user how long the bot has been online.
    • Ping command to see the bot latency.
  • Guide on how to contribute to modmail, see []
  • Start a Changelog


  • Make the bot http_session within an event loop.
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